Our Journey With Dementia

Ambiance Care was born

Ambiance care was born from my own personal journey with dementia and my time as a social worker, working directly with people living with dementia and their carers.

In both, I experienced first-hand the real gaps in understanding and experience in supporting people with dementia, the difficulties that arise from this and the impact it has on carers who often feel overwhelmed in their caring role and often at breaking point.

I found that despite having a professional background in health and social care, I faced many challenges in accessing advice and support and had difficulties getting straight-forward answers to questions. This led me to question how others in my situation from different backgrounds would manage.

Story written by Founder of Ambiance Care, Diane.

“It’s a road that no one chooses to go down, but the more educated you are on what’s happening, the more accepting you are of what’s going on.”


I know how hard it is to care for a loved one.

Mum was diagnosed with dementia in her late 70’s. I tried hard not to dwell on the challenges ahead, preferring to make the most of what we had now, focusing on what mum could still do and not what she might not be able to do later down the line.

  • At times I felt completely overwhelmed, being a carer wasn’t only physically and emotionally draining it was quite isolating.
  • Having spoken to and worked with many carers since then, I realise I wasn’t the only one, and many of their experiences mirrored my own.
  • For many, it was a struggle to find the right help and support and when they did, it hadn’t always brought them the quality of care they expected.
  • I learned a lot from other carers of people with dementia, we shared our efforts not only how to cope with the practical aspects of the condition, but to seize every opportunity – however fleetingly with our loved one as we know them.

It was on this journey I discovered how passionately I hold the belief that it is possible to cope with dementia this becoming the driving force behind Ambiance Care.

Ambiance Advice and Ambiance Support are dedicated to making a positive difference for people with dementia. Offering the kind of help, advice and support I wish I’d had, to help others who find themselves in a similar position facing challenges of their own.

Mums Dementia Journey

It’s now nearly three years since my mum died. Caring for her, and losing her to dementia changed me forever, but the experience has enriched me. Everything I do is more thoughtful and considered.
I value everyday life, the simplest of things, so very much more than I did before the journey began.

Me and Mum 2