10 Top Tips for Supporting People with Dementia

10 Top Tips for Supporting People with Dementia

Get to know the Person

  • Know their likes and dislikes
  • Gather life history
  • Have three points of conversation

Maintain Eye Contact and Smile

The person with dementia will notice

  • Your emotional state
  • Your body language
  • Tone of voice

Slow Down

  • Provide care in a relaxed manner
  • Help the person to do things for themselves
  • Keep it simple

Introduce yourself every time

  • Tell the person your name
  • Tell them what you are there for
  • Refer to the person by their name

Communicate Clearly

  • Talk about one thing at a time
  • Offer simple choices
  • Speak clearly in a warm calm voice

Step into the persons world

If the person becomes upset

  • Reassure the person
  • Acknowledge that you can see the person is upset
  • Validate what the person is saying or doing

Keep it quiet

  • Create a relaxed environment
  • Stop, listen, and avoid distraction
  • Reduce conflicting noises
  • Avoid crowds and lots of noise

Don’t argue or quibble

  • Go with the flow
  • Acknowledge and respect what the person is saying and doing
  • Telling them they are wrong may have a negative effect

Engage and Encourage

  • Get the person started with a meaningful activity
  • Set activities up to succeed and have fun
  • Focus on what the person can do

Talk with Others

  •  Share your experiences with others
  • Talk together about what has happened and how you coped with the situation
  • Record what has helped and what has not