A Magic Moment for Grahame, who lives with dementia

Magic Moments for our clients Grahame and Marilyn

Our Magic Moments blog series focuses on the special experiences we bring to our clients with dementia and in this instalment, we’re looking back at our recent trip to Dunham Massey’s winter wonderland with our client Grahame and his wife, Marilyn.

Earlier this year in April, Marilyn contacted us for support in her caring role. The couple from Mobberley have been devoted to each other for an astounding 46 years, having originally met in a bank in London.

Grahame, now 83, was diagnosed with dementia several years ago and more recently has started to struggle with communicating and walking. We work with him to give Marilyn a little respite so she can take some time out, even if it’s just shopping for groceries or meeting a friend for a coffee.

Getting to know Grahame

For almost nine months we’ve been getting to know Grahame well. Although he’s having more difficulty in some areas now, Grahame still responds really well to music and to nature – he’s happiest when out on walks in the open air or listening to his favourite songs like My Way by Frank Sinatra.

The couple recently celebrated their wedding anniversary, which we orchestrated: we’ll never forget the touching moment when Marilyn arrived home to Grahame’s open arms as he serenaded her with a rendition of Unforgettable and waltzed her around their kitchen!

It’s moments like these that are truly magical and quite unique to the sort of work we do as dementia carers; that sudden breakthrough that makes everything so worthwhile.

A night to remember

In November, we arranged another special experience for the couple with a visit to Dunham Massey to see their famous Christmas lights display. Every year, the National Trust property comes alive with more than a million lights, lasers and seasonal sounds – the perfect location for combining Grahame’s love for the great outdoors with sensory stimulation in the company of his beloved wife.

Spending quality time together as a couple isn’t always easy when one spouse has dementia. We wanted to give the couple the opportunity to enjoy this special experience together as husband and wife, relieving Marilyn of her caring duties for the evening.

We borrowed a wheelchair and enjoyed a wonderful night of companionship, laughter and pure joy – even the ride home was truly memorable as we all sang at the tops of our voices, Grahame included!

Over time, our clients become friends. We’re there for Marilyn when she needs us, day or night – even just for a chat over the phone. Precious memories were made that night – for all of us. We will cherish them forever and continue to walk beside Grahame and Marilyn side by side, offering just enough support to help them live their best lives.

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