A Magic Moment for Sheila and Maurice

A Magic Moment for Sheila & Maurice

Every client we work with is special, and we always take the time to get to know them and their family carers. We’ve worked with our lovely Sheila for over a year now, and in that time, we’ve got to know both her and her husband Maurice very well.

Well, when we heard that their wedding anniversary was approaching, of course we wanted nothing more than to make it extra special for them both. Not only because an anniversary is always reason to celebrate, but also because not long ago, Sheila was receiving end-of-life care.

Keep reading for Sheila and Maurice’s story, and how we’ve given them a Magic Moment to cherish.

Sheila and Maurice’s story

Sheila and Maurice on their wedding daySheila and Maurice met at Worsley Dance Hall in Preston on New Year’s Eve in 1959. Under normal circumstances, Sheila would host a party at home, but that year, fed up of hosting and all the associated costs and stress, she made the decision to go out for the night.

With no idea of how the night would change her life forever, Sheila accepted the offer of a dance from a young man who was there with his friend. The hour was midnight but the night was young. The young man introduced himself as Maurice, admitting it had taken him some time to pluck up the courage to ask Sheila to dance.

A dancer Maurice was not, as Sheila will tell you with a smile – “he has two left feet”. Despite Maurice’s lack of talent on the dancefloor, the two hit it off and the rest, as they say, is history.

Sheila, who worked as a teacher, wed Maurice on the 28th of May in 1960 and the pair later moved to Edgeley in Stockport with Maurice’s job.

Sheila, who had worked as a teacher previously, returned to teaching after having her daughter Alison, working at Cheadle Heath Primary School and then at Oriel Bank, which stood in Davenport until 2005.

Sheila retired at the age of 60 and, testament to how loved she was, all her students cried. Her daughter Alison attended Oriel Bank at the time but swore her friends to secrecy when they discovered that her mum was Mrs Watkins!

In the years that followed, Sheila and Maurice have enjoyed their retirement together, with a granddaughter to keep them busy – and yet Maurice has still found the time to write his autobiography, along with Sheila’s biography, which really is a wonderful read.

A Magic Moment for Sheila and Maurice

Just a couple of months ago, we feared the worst when Sheila, who was in hospital at the time, became unresponsive and was moved

to end-of-life support. Ambiance Care Founder Diane went to visit Sheila and pay her respects but miraculously, while Diane was speaking gently, Sheila suddenly spoke in response, asking for her coat and shoes!

Sheila is now happily back home, much to Maurice’s delight and everyone’s amazement, so this wedding anniversary truly is extra special.

Sheila and Maurice on their anniversary

On the day, Diane visited with balloons, flowers and a car, inviting the lovebirds to afternoon tea at The Clink in Styal.

She drove them to the venue, where they met with our team members Becca and Jen (and Jen’s toddler), and while there,

we surprised Maurice with a heartfelt video, made up of a tribute we helped Sheila to record and clips of her singing some of her favourite songs.

You wouldn’t believe it, given her tuneful voice, but before being in hospital, Sheila never sang. Now, it’s something she really enjo

ys and that stimulates her while cutting through the very common repetitive speech that dementia is associated with. Dementia cannot touch the area of the brain that remembers music, making it the perfect form of self-expression.

Watch the video below – we challenge you not to be touched by what you see!


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