A Magic Moment with Sheila

A Magic Moment with Sheila

Our favourite thing to do at Ambiance Care is to get to know what matters most to our clients and help them continue to enjoy meaningful experiences, regardless of their dementia. More often than not, these experiences revolve around the simplest activities – but result in moments to truly treasure.

This Magic Moments piece focuses on our lovely client, Sheila, who we visit every Tuesday and Friday.

All about Sheila Sheila, relaxing

Sheila was born in South Shields and moved to Leicester when she was seven, later moving to Stockport with her parents and younger sister Joan, and attending Cheadle County Grammar School for Girls. She married navy man Eric, who became a police officer, and together they had three daughters, Carol, Suzanne – who they fondly called Oose for short – and Liz.

Our role is to support Sheila with trips out and personal care before preparing her evening meal, providing some respite for her daughters who can rest easy knowing that mum is safe and well cared for.

Sheila can communicate verbally but won’t usually initiate conversation – what she prefers to do instead is to SING! Generally quite a quiet lady, Sheila suddenly springs confidently to life whenever she hears music she knows and has really blossomed since we started working with her as we will gladly join her in singing here, there and everywhere! Sheila enjoying some cake

Like so many of us, Sheila loves a singsong in the shower and will continue while dressing, being completely comfortable expressing herself in this way and amazingly remembering the words to many well-known songs – especially those by her favourite crooner, Elvis!

Since discovering Sheila’s love of music, this is something we work into our visits: we’ll play music in the car on the way to wherever it is we’re going – often Lyme Park, which is one of Sheila’s favourite spots for walking and admiring the breathtaking panoramic views.

A singing sensation!

On a recent trip, and inspired by the TV series Carpool Karaoke, we captured Sheila doing what she does best and created a lovely keepsake for Sheila’s daughters, which we just knew they would absolutely treasure.

Here’s Ambiance Care’s take on Carpool Karaoke, starring our very own Sheila! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed capturing these special moments!

On receiving the video of their mum, Sheila’s daughters sent us these kind words:

Sue: “Thank you SO much – it made me cry. It means the world that you care. Mum looks so happy.”

Carol: “Thank you so much for the little video, it’s absolutely gorgeous. You are so kind and thoughtful and it’s made us all quite emotional watching it. Such a lovely gesture.”

Liz: Ahh this is just fantastic!! She loves a sing-song, does mum. It’s great to see her enjoying herself so much.”

These Magic Moments of Sheila’s are proof that there is still much joy and fun to be found along the dementia journey – it’s just knowing how to bring out the best in each individual.

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