Welcoming Caregiver Jennifer!

Welcoming Caregiver Jennifer!

The Ambiance Care team has been steadily growing and it’s time we introduced you to some of our members! Care professional Jennifer started with us recently, providing community-based dementia care at home in locations across Stockport and East Cheshire.

Jennifer has proved to be a hit with Ambiance Care’s clients – the families we work with have instantly warmed to her. It’s not just her winning smile that wins everyone over, though – it’s her warm personality and professional aptitude, too.

We asked Jennifer to tell us a bit more about her background, what matters to her and why she made the decision to work for Ambiance Care. Here’s what she had to say.

What’s your professional background?

I spent six years nursing before having children, and the last five years I’ve spent as a full-time mum. It was time for me to step back into the world of work in a way that allows me to balance being a mum with the fulfilment of a caring role, and Ambiance Care has given me the opportunity to do both.

Any key areas of experience?

I’m experienced and interested in looking at an individual holistically and providing person-centred care, as well as adapting to the needs of many different people throughout a day. I take the time to learn about the difficulties – both physical and mental – that people may face, and how they can be helped through compassionate, holistic and skilled care.

Why did you decide to work with Ambiance Care?

I really wanted to be able to return to a job where I have the time and support to provide an excellent standard of care for the individual. This is what Ambiance Care facilitates and enables. I wanted to work in a role where the focus is on the individual and their needs, and be able to provide that support without distraction.

What are your own values when it comes to work?

It’s vital to me that I provide the level of care that I would wish for myself or for my own family member, and nothing less. To have respect at all times for the individual, as well as approaching the day with positivity, flexibility, empathy and above all, compassion.

What do you enjoy about working for Ambiance Care?

I love meeting the wonderful people we care for and their families, and finding out about who they are and being able to enjoy those special moments.

What do you hope to achieve through your work?

I hope to continue learning from and being inspired by the people I have the privilege of caring for. Through developing my own skills, I hope to always provide an excellent level of care – one that people truly deserve.

Welcome, Jennifer – we’re happy to have you at Team Ambiance!

If you have any questions about dementia care, or would like some advice, contact us today by emailing enquiries@ambiancecare.co.uk.