End of Life Palliative Care

Passing away peacefully, with dignity and within familiar surroundings, is what many of us would wish for. End -of -Life palliative care at home allows a loved one, to do just this, in the place they feel most comfortable and safe.

Change can be disruptive and unbalancing for a person with dementia as can the process of settling into a completely new environment such as a hospice or hospital. Managed end-of-life palliative home care lets the person with dementia stay at home, surrounded by loved ones and special comforts.

End-of-life care provides the support that is needed towards the end of someone’s life, allowing them to pass in the most peaceful and comfortable way. While some people spend their final days in a hospital, hospice or nursing home, end-of-life care at home has become a preferred option for those who wish to spend their last moments within their own home, and surrounded by their loved ones.

Our fully trained caregivers can offer regular support with many tasks to make the person feel more comfortable and safer during what can be a distressing time. This includes:

  • Personal care – supporting with bathing and showering
  • Support with toileting, including changing continence pads or using a commode
  • Mobility support, such as help moving position in bed and help with standing or sitting – and using hoists when required
  • Administering or prompting medication, and supporting with pain management
  • Changing bedding and housekeeping duties
  • Preparing meals and snacks to taste and dietary requirements
  • Complex care such as support with catheters and stomas
  • Ongoing companionship and emotional support